Planes en Valencia para dos días, qué hacer dos días en Valencia
If you have just one day to discover Valencia, do not worry, I suggest a program for you to make the most of your time. In just one day you will have a general idea of Valencia, the land of contrast.

Get a map and start the adventure!

Day 1. historical city centre

I recommend a visit to “Ciutat Vella” ,where you  can wander through the main squares and most symbolic spots. From Torres de Serranos (Serranos´ Gate) to Estación del Norte (North Station) you can not miss going to venues such as: Plaza de la Virgen (Virgin Square) The Basílica de los Desamparados, Almoina, Plaza de la Reina (Queen Square), The Cathedral, Plaza Redonda (Round Square), Plaza Lope de Vega, Mercado Central (Central Maket), Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange Building), Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Martí (The National Ceramics Museum Gonzalez Marti), Plaza del Ayuntamiento (The City Hall), Plaza de Toros (The bull ring) and Estación del Norte.

If you decide to start the tour the reverse, from the North Station to Serranos´Gate, you can stop at the nearest tourist info to ask for any information about the city (Address: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, nº 1).



  • Visit the Central Market, one of the largest markets in Europe with fresh produce from the Valencia orchard and all the flavour and aromas from the Mediterranean.
  • Do not miss the most beautiful hall with plenty of helicoidal columns in the Silk Exchange building which is UNESCO world heritage listed.
  • Admire the Valencian Cathedral and climb the Miguelete steps to have the most beautiful views of Valencia.
  • Do not miss the chance to try our delicious local drink, the horchata. Do not forget to order a farton to accompany the drink!



All the public museums are open on Sunday mornings and bank holidays and they are free these days.

The itinerary in the morning is very condensed and it is an external view program. It has been thought to the ones who just have one day to visit the city. If you are going to spend two days in Valencia, the best thing to do the first day is to enjoy a relaxed visit to the historical city centre visiting some museums such as The National Ceramics Museum Gonzalez Marti), The sixtine Valencia chapel “Church of saint Nicolás, The Archaeological Museum “Almoina”, The Admiral´s Baths “Baños del Almirante”, The Holy Grail Museum and The Fallas Museum (it not situated at the old town).
However, if you prefer to change the scenery you can go for a walk along Turia´s Gardens or even you can get to the sea promenade, a stunning place to walk with incredible views and restaurants to have lunch, dinner or a drink.



  • Break away and go for a walk to Turia´s Gardens. Your can also practice any type of sport there.
  • Explore the maritime area and discover where the race course, used during the America´s Cup, and the street circuit for the Formula I were.


  • All the public museums are opened on Sundays morning and bank holidays and they are free these days.
  • The maritime area “La Marina de Valencia” is a venue where a lot of cultural and musical events are take place during the year. Check info:



Ciutat Vella (Old town) has an extensive range of gastronomy where you can taste the authentic valencian paella or yummy mediterranean  food.


Fundación Turismo Valencia and Ayuntamiento de Valencia organize  twice a year ““Cuina Oberta o Valéncia Restaurant Week” where the best restaurants of Valencia offer some cheap gourmet set menus.


Once you have explored the old town, I suggest you to turn the tour around by 180 degrees. It is time to discover the futuristic area of Valencia, The City of Arts and Sciences.There,  you will walk around and you will have a lot of activities to enjoy such as tridimensional films at the Hemisfèric, scientific workshops at the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe or educational talks at the Ocenogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe.

I suggest you to spend the morning visiting the largest aquarium in Europe, Ocenogràfic. It represents the most important ecosystems in the world such as the Arctic where a family of belugas is living, the Antarctica plenty of adorable Gentoo Penguins, sharks swimming calmly in the oceans, Dori and Nemo (Surgeon and clown fish) living surrounded of coral reefs and dolphins playing happily with their carers at the dolphinarium.

The Submarine restaurant and the entrance building are two spots you cannot miss.


  • Enjoy an underwater journey visiting the largest aquarium in Europe and do not miss any educational workshop to know more about those animals.



  • The Ocenogràfic has the largest 4D cinema in Spain with more than 190 seats making the experience of watching a film unique. At the projection room the visitors will feel cold, scents, snow, changes in light and also the vibration seat system.
  • The Ocenogràfic organizes educational workshop to know more about the animals. Once you arrive at the aquarium do not forget to ask the timetable to organize the itinerary. Daring people will be able to sleep surrounded by sharks!

During the afternoon I recommend you to continue exploring the Calatrava´s futuristic complex. You can visit The Sciences Museum Príncipe Felipe, a scientific benchmark in the sphere of interactive science and technology. The main goal is to encourage the curiosity and the critical spirit an enjoyable way.

To carry on you can also watch a 3D film at the Hemisfèric. If you did not visit the 4D cinema at the Oceanogràfic, this is you last opportunity to live the experience.

However, if you did it, I suggest you the last option, explore the Opera House “Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia”. It is possible to do a tour to admire the magnificent, architecture of this building and to know more about the venue where the most important and great performances of opera and ballet are taking place during the entire year.


Here, the time just flies by, so I suggest you to combine just to two options:

  • Sciences Museum + Hemisfèric
  • Sciences Museum + Opera House tour
  • Hemisfèric + Opera House tour


To organize better the afternoon program, do not forget:

  • Check the movie listing in the Hemisfèric 


  • Check the timetable of the educational workshop that are taking place at the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe:


  • Check the timetable of the guided tours Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Opera house)



The City of Arts and Sciences is a venue committed with the music that is why famous open-air concerts are taking place during the entire year:

To have lunch during the second day I suggest you some options:

  1. If you want to stay inside the aquarium, here, there´s some restaurants which have good quality such as:
  • The Submarine Restaurant central lake. Here, the most exceptional quality is the located next to circular aquarium that surrounds the restaurant, where diners can enjoy its exquisite dishes in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Oceanos Restaurant: Located at the centre of the aquarium. The Océanos restaurant is one of the ideal places for sampling a varied range of meats and Mediterranean produce.
  • Lonja: A perfect place to enjoy as a family. The Lonja self-service restaurant is located near the dolphinarium and has capacity for 750 people. Its varied menu makes Lonja one of the favourite places to eat.
  • Delfinario hamburguer restaurant: Before the dolphinarium exhibition, you can visit the Delfinario hamburger restaurant, located under its grandstands, and sample one of Oceanogràfic’s star hamburgers.
  • Mediterráneo pizzeria: With spectacular views of the Oceanogràfic aviary, the Mediterráneo Pizzeria offers the best variety of pizzas, hot dogs and sandwiches to recharge during your visit. Additionally, it is a perfect place to cool down with a delicious ice cream or snow cone and sample the amazing handmade waffles.

Get more information:


2. However, if you have decided to continue discovering the City of Arts and Sciences and the next spot is the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe, the Hemisfèric or Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (the opera house) then, you can have lunch at:

  • La Trattoria: The Museo Trattoria restaurant is specialised in Italian cuisine, with traditional Mediterranean flavours and creative touches in the presentation of its dishes. You will find it in Valencia, in the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • Museu de les ciències príncep felipe cafeteria: It offers visitors a wide, interesting range of hot and cold sandwiches, mixed dishes, salads and desserts in a modern atmosphere. The installations offer our clients a spectacular view over the gardens of the River Túria.
  • Hemisfèric hamburger restaurant: Enjoy the best hamburgers in the new hamburger restaurant of the City of Arts and Sciences. Delicious 100% grilled beef in Delicious bread with a side of crispy fries. Your best option for eating at Hemisfèric.
  • Contrapunto: located in Valencia’s Palau de les Arts, Contrapunto Les Arts is one of the city’s leading establishments of Mediterranean food.


3. The last option you have is to go to the department stores which are around the complex and where you can have the most varied gastronomic offer. They are El Corte Inglés, Aqua Mutiespacio and Centro comercial El Saler.

If you would like me to accompany you during one day, do not hesitate to contact me and I will arrange everything for you.
I give you some ideas to visit Valencia.
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