Historical city centre + Fallero museum 1


Description of the tour

  • 4h

In the towns, villages and cities of Valencia, we celebrate many festivals and bank holidays, there is always a reason to celebrate something with varied themes, traditions, for historical and religious reasons. Valencia decorates its streets for every occasion and becomes a great tourist and cultural attraction that surprises visitors from all around the world.
The Fallas, are the main attraction of the city, and stands out for being very popular, colorful and spectacular.
On this tour we will travel the streets of the historical city centre and discover how our festival is connected to the Valencian culture. By visiting the Fallero museum we will understand that it is one of the definitions of Valencian culture with an exhibition of all the pardoned fallas from every year since 1934.

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • Towers of Serranos
  • Basilica of the helpless virgin
  • Cathedral (outdoors)
  • Rasher of silk (outdoors)
  • Central market (indoors)
  • Fallero museum (indoors). Transport not included
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