Xativa, pontificial city 1


Description of the tour

  • 3h 30m

“Saitabis” was the name the Romans gave to the city of Xàtiva that belonged to the region of Aragón. Located 70Km from the city of Valencia it is known for being the home to the Borgia family that gave the church the popes: Calixto III and the prime mover of the Spanish renaissance, Alejandro VI. It is a city that can show off historically and art highlights, as it portrays the history that various civilizations left behind, battles, historical acts, its castle , fortified walls, the historical city centre, its old alleys, the Arabic legacy through its streets, churches, convents, palaces and beautiful fountains. Xàtiva is a beautiful city awaiting tourists to show off its glory.

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • A walk through the old town of Xàtiva
  • Trip to the castle
  • The tourist train
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