Central market + paella lesson 1



  • 5h

The most important fact about the paella is that it is a social event where families and friends reunite, normally on Sundays, gathered around the cooker… but, how do we make this exquisite dish?
If you choose this activity you will learn firsthand from a professional chef the ingredients that are needed and the step by step instructions to the perfect paella. But that’s not all! You shall also prepare your own Paella to make sure you don’t leave Valencia without knowing how to cook the best paella! A fun way to learn and enjoy this cooking experience.

A good Paella has many secrets, one of them being the selection of the best ingredients, for that reason, before starting the activity the chef will take the group on a shopping trip in central market.

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • Central market (indoors)
  • Includes a paella lesson. Transport is not included
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