Gandía ducal city 1


Description of the tour

  • 3h 30m

Gandia, city to medieval events and full of history and legends, it has important monuments of which the ducal palace occupies the historical city centre and was the headquarters during seven centuries of eleven generations of the Borgia family, the university was run by the Jesuits since it was founded in 1549 until their expulsion in the eighteenth century, the collegiate of saint Maria and many more medieval constructions. It was also the home to literature writers of such importance as Ausias Marc, Joanot Martorell.

The peaceful ducal palace resides in the historical city centre of Gandía, the maze of streets and corners reveal every inch of its medieval framework.

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • The Borgia Ducal palace
  • The collegiate church
  • Town hall (outdoors)
  • Old university (outdoors)
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