Oceanographic 1


Description of the tour

  • 4h

The Oceanographic of the city of arts and science is the biggest aquarium in Europe and is located in this avant-garde designed complex. We will find inside this avant-garde building some of the most spectacular aquatic ecosystems of the planet: The arctic with its Belugas and walruses, the Antarctic penguins, the sharks of the oceans, the tropical seas with the famous nemo (clown fish) and dori (the blue tang surgeonfish) and the dolphinarium where we will see the mulattoes dolphins habitat and can watch one of the three or four daily shows depending on the time of year. The underwater restaurant and access building welcome all the tourists as they are one of the highlights of Félix Candela’s designs.

Enjoy an underwater tour of the biggest aquarium in Europe and don’t forget to visit the dolphinarium to learn more about these amazing species.

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • City of arts and science. A stroll throughout the whole complex to understand the uses of each building.
  • Oceanographic: a guided tour of the aquarium.
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