A refreshing bike tour 1


Description of the tour

  • 4h

The more than 300 days of sun every year make Valencia the perfect place to enjoy a very healthy, fun and very eco-friendly type of tourism.
Valencia is a “Bike-friendly” city, ideal for traveling on bike, thanks to its size, its flat and level terrain and the city centre where vehicles have to respect a speed limit. Also, Valencia belongs to the group of bikes in the city with approximately 120 kilometers of bike lanes.
Take advantage of this thorough trip of Valencia and enjoy it on bicycle. A completely different way to know this city full of contrasts! In this pack we also include the sampling and tasting of our delicious and nutritious drink, the horchata, a symbol of our own gastronomy . A very nutritious drink that we are sure will surprise you with its unique flavors. 

What we will visit

We will visit in this tour

  • Tower of Serranos
  • The gardens of the river Turia
  • Basilica of the helpless virgin
  • Cathedral (outdoors),
  • The city of arts and science
  • The seaside
  • Bicycles and horchata are included
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